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The Holos Project is an international sister program of Published Points of View that strives to amplify and promote the voices of Ukrainian students. It was named by its first cohort of students with Holos (голос) being the Ukrainian word for voice.


Holos Project participants.

Our program matches Ukrainian students with American student journalists, English Second Language (ESL) teachers, and writers. Over the course of four months, mentors walk their student(s) through every step of writing a memoir through weekly mentorship sessions and constant text communication.


international time zones that The Holos Project draws students from.

Though The Holos Project consists mainly of Ukrainian and American students, because many of our participants are seeking asylum in other countries, its students come from various countries across Europe, Asia, and North America. Despite the magnitude of our geographical distance, our organization prides itself on maintaining a supportive community amongst its past and present participants.


national and international partners.

Our project partners with nonprofits, cultural organizations, and other youth-led programs in order to publish participants' works. The Holos Project is predicated upon the idea that fast facts, statistics, and casualties are not enough in order to understand the war in Ukraine— that hearing the stories of the millions of people being impacted is a necessity.

Our Partners

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